Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Most people like knockoff Oakleys in summer

Henry was a 19-year-old boy. His parents had a fast food restaurant. And his work was to send take-away food. One day he sent foods to a swimming pool, at that time he met a pretty girl who named Foakleys Sunglasses. This swimming pool was for people of dysaudia, so Henry used finger language to chat with Sunglasses. And they exchanged the WeChat.

  The next day they met again. Henry did not talk with Foakley Sunglasses. They just used finger language. Henry cooked lunch for Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses everyday. Because Sunglasses seemed busy everyday. She hardly sent message to Henry. Few days later, he was nor able to control his miss. Finally Sunglasses sent message to him. She told him she was going to go to the swimming pool the next day. So they decided to have lunch with each other the next day.
Foakleys Sunglasses

  They talked about their families and lives. Foakleys Sunglasses’ s father was a missionary. He lived in Africa. Her mom was dead. She worked very hard to earn money for her deaf-and- dumb sister to join the Olympic games. Henry found he fell in love with Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses. He prepared lunch for Sunglasses everyday. He refused to receive money.

  Sometimes Henry accompanied Fake Oakley Sunglasses to do part-time job. Sunglasses would receive many coins after her job. One day, after they had dinner, Sunglasses was counting her coins to pay for the dinner. But Henry thought it was to slow so he paid it. Sunglasses misunderstood him. They had their first row.After went home, Foakleys Sunglasses found her sister was injured in a fire. Sunglasses was very upset. She decided to take care of her sister and never had dates with Henry. Henry was not able to find Sunglasses, and he was too sad to work. He used every way to find Sunglasses but he failed. So he gave up in the end.

  A few days later, Henry sent take-away food to a hospital. He run in a hurry. And he crashed into a person. And he said sorry at once and the girl said “You are welcome.”. But he was shocked when he saw the girl was Sunglasses. Foakleys Sunglasses was also shocked. ‘You are not…???’ They said in unison. What a big surprise! Sunglasses and Henry were able to speak! They talked with each other for a long time, and Henry explained everything.

  One month later, Henry and Fake Oakley Sunglasses went to the swimming pool to cheer up for Sunglasses’ s sister. When her sister won the competition. Sunglasses kissed Henry for the first time.

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