Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Been a pair of dazzling Foakleys Sunglasses

Tommy had been a pair of dazzling foakleys sunglasses, who had been loved crazily by his owner, Jenny. She was so fond of this Foakleys that she almost wore him everyday in that summer. They were the most attractive partners wherever they were.
Unfortunately, one day, Jenny attended a hot dance party, and the knockoff Oakley sunglasses slipped off from Jenny`s collar to the floor like a leave falling from the tree. Even Jenny picked him up as soon as possibly, Tommy had still been stepped on one of his lens which broke on spot. “Oh no!” Jenny shouted out. The fake Oakley sunglasses felt that he seemed to be dead with the pain though his whole body. Then he got into unconsciousness.
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On opening his eyes, he was attacked by a total pain and he found he was lying on the dresser with just one lens. The Foakley Sunglasses was filled with sorrow and hurt. At the same time, he knew he would have no chance to go out with Jenny. Or he might be thrown into the ash can. Thankfully, Jenny just put him into a cabinet and brought home a new pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses.
Tommy was sad and left surrounded by loneliness. Day by day, night followed night. He wanted to leave, but without any result because he can do nothing. He could not move even talk. He tried to comfort himself that Jenny would visit him and she could love him as the same. Actually, Jenny forgot the knockoff Oakley sunglasses absolutely, and what he had was only the breath from his own. Time went by, Tommy had been asleep and awake for 3 months. This Oakley sunglasses replica was gradually conditioned to this kind of life.
However, a boy appeared, who gave him rebirth later. It was Jenny`s cousin, a 10-year-old boy, who just paid a visit to Jenny. When he was looking around Jenny`s house, suddenly, he saw Tommy. And his eye was likely to shine. “Oh my God! My dear sister, could you please lend this cool fashion Oakley sunglasses to me? It was what designed for me! ” And he explained to Jenny that he would take part in a drama show in school. His role was a pirate. If with Tommy`s joining in, his character would be more vivid. Of course Jenny agreed, more than that, she said if he performed successfully, The cheap fake Oakley sunglasses could be the gift to him. The little boy was so happy that he jumped at all the time that day. As same as him, Tommy was also amazed. The new life seemed to be approaching and waving hands to him. What a fantastic day! “I am going to leave here! This boy is just like my new parent! That is so cool!”
Soon, the show day came, and to everyone`s happiness, the perform was perfect and award the fist prize. And thanked to this show, the knockoff Oakley sunglasses was hung with the medal in the boy`s bedroom after that. He could never come back to the alone place and be lonely! As long as Tommy thought he had joined a wonderful performance, he felt that it seemed he had owned a cherish rebirth, and he would not be lonely anymore. The life of the Oakley sunglasses was shining again.

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