Sunday, January 21, 2018

About Oakley Prizm Technology

Cheap Fake Oakleys for sale with high quality and best service. Foakley Sunglasses No tax worldwide. About Oakley Prizm Technology. Human eyes are extremely sensitive to two specific colors in snowy environments where the color contrast is relatively low, blue and orange.Oakley PRIZM technology filters out irrelevant background colors by highlighting and emphasizing these two sensitive colors. By precisely adjusting this pair of colors, various details in a snowy environment are clearly displayed, the visual contrast is optimized, and the object is rendered vividly Color, so that the outline and texture of objects get clearer insight. Skiers are no longer subject to background color interference during gliding, and visual attention is completely focused on the obstacles and details of the movement, which makes the snow clearer, the reaction quicker and the performance even better.

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Oakley Prizm

Oakley spent 15 years on the road to Prizm, experiencing changes in materials and workmanship, and finally successfully launched in 2014. Interestingly, in the same year, Dragon also "tacit" to introduce the Transition variable optical lens technology, there are many Prizm VS Transition market or subjective or objective comparison and evaluation. Recalling the last quarter of the goggles technology conference battle, is really brilliant.

For the Oakley Prizm's actual experience, quoted the Winter Olympics women's mountain ski champion American athletes Lindsay Vaughan's commentary: "Any snow gully and uneven surface of this small series of details in the new PRIZM lens was clearly restored, a An insight into Ice & Snow's sight is unprecedented. "
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