Monday, August 7, 2017

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Nowadays, with the fashion of wearing cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses, more and more brands that selling Oakley sunglasses come into the market and we often feel confused about which one we should choose. For there are so many different brands, here I want to list some famous brand in China to guide buyers to buy one. As too many brands, I am not going to list all but only three brands. And those are what I think popular in China and also consistent with the taste of Chinese.

     I believe the Blue Point is a household name for many Chinese, especially for the southern people in China, because its head office is in Xiamen. But it is not only produce sunglasses but also other glasses. Many people believe it is the pioneer of the Chinese market of sunglasses. When it went public, a flow of wearing cheap fake Oakley sunglasses was like a storm which means it open the potential consumption of sunglasses in China. Many buyers are attracted for it has high quality and reasonable price. At the same time, comfort and mode are also taken into consideration.
     Parim is also another well-known brand for many sunglasses addicts. Although it is the domestic brand, its feature are something about the European romance, and it produced certain sunglasses for Asians according the faces features and keep updated all the time. When you ask people on the street the brand of Oakley sunglasses they know, a lot of people would say Parim. Its head office is in Xiamen as well and it was established in 1992.
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     When it comes to OUTDO, many people would think that it was established in 2003. OUTDO is the famous one which designing sunglasses for Asians. In 2010, the only one brand of sunglasses in China is OUTDO with a professional team. It is said that it was tested which means it could tolerate the extreme whether and keep well at the same time.
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     There are many other brands with high quality and comfort. If we are eager to buy a Foakley sunglasses, I think it is necessary to understand such information because it could offer reference so that we could buy a sunglasses which can fit into our taste. The main function of brands varies and it could be important information before we buy cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses. As the taste of fashion change with time, the fashion of Foakleys change as well. The same is the brand of sunglasses. There will be more brands of sunglasses in the future.
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