Sunday, August 16, 2015

foakleys design and look fake Oakleys antix sunglasses

I like the overall design and look of these fake Oakleys antix sunglasses. The lenses were perfect on the grey. The only thing I did not care for was the grey color lens. It was see through plastic with the design. The lens is large, giving great coverage, and letting you still see everything you want without ugly frame in the way. They tend to fit most faces, and are just all around awesome. I would caution against getting lens' that contrast with the frame color a lot. They tend to look kinda funny. But thats personal choice. Many people are reluctant to spend more than 100 dollars to buy a Oakley sunglass, so they will choose the cheapest and good quality fake Oakleys sunglasses.

Foakleys sunglasses, with 100% UV protection, superior clarity, shatterproof shock, high strength, good thermal adjustment resistance, allergy and other characteristics. Very beautiful fashion streamlined appearance, adding fashion elements, extraordinary temperament. The foakleys sunglasses can be worn in addition to maintain a comfortable time, the better to play the role of eye protection, to the eyes of the safest care. The Antix Men's fashion sunglasses are particularly suitable for someone who often riding motorcycle, driving or cycling.

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